A Hidden Order: An Exhibition and Performance of Geometry and Music

February 13, 2014

At the end of March 2014 we will proudly host the premiere showing of A Hidden Order, a project by alumnus Sama Mara and composer Lee Westwood exploring the relationship between geome

try and music.


What would a traditional Islamic pattern sound like if interpreted as a rhythm or melody? How would
Western contemporary music look if transposed into the visual realm?


Revealing a place where music and geometry fuse, A Hidden Order is an art exhibition with live performances created by digital artist Sama Mara and composer Lee Westwood.


The exhibition is comprised of a series of prints, animation and an interactive platform, plus musical performance with real-time visualisation (20th and 27th March).


By combining principles of traditional geometry, modern mathematics and digital technology, Sama Mara has developed a revolutionary system in which rhythm is pattern and notes are colours, creating intricate geometric artworks that are the direct expression of music.


Lee Westwood’s contemporary compositions, written specially for the exhibition, with rhythmic and melodic influences from folk and jazz, are performed by a mixed ensemble.


Visitors to the exhibition can directly explore this new theory interactively, allowing them to create rhythms and see them instantly converted into the visual realm.


We are first met by silence. Then from out of the void a sound emerges and with it a colour and shape. The sound becomes a rhythm, and we are quickly surrounded by a swirling pattern, building in form and complexity, gradually revealing a hidden order.


The Theory

Applying principles of traditional geometry, Islamic art and contemporary mathematics, Sama Mara’s ground-breaking theory reveals an intrinsic relationship between the harmony of sound (music) and the harmony of space (pattern). Rhythm, pitch and timbre are transformed into pattern, colour and texture.

This concept has been applied into a bespoke computer programme allowing for real-time visualisation of live music, and the creation of breathtaking geometric artworks.


See the promotional video here


Dates and venue


Thursday 20th - Saturday 29th March 9am - 9pm (please note the exhibition will not be open to the public on 23rd or 26th March)


Press Night / Private View: Wednesday 19th March 6pm - 9pm, performance at 7:30pm


Live performances: 20th and 27th March at 7:30pm. Book tickets here.


The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, 19-22 Charlotte Road, London EC2A 3SG


A Hidden Order is supported by Arts Council England and in association with The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts.