Farkhondeh Ahmadzadeh

In 2011 Farkhondeh Ahmadzadeh graduated from the MA programme at The Prince's School, receiving the honor of the Jerwood Prize for Traditional Arts.

Her journey to The Prince's School traversed a number of different activities in the USA and the Middle East where she studied and taught science before managing a printing company. Throughout this period Farkhondeh sustained her passion for calligraphy and illumination under the tutelage of several Iranian Masters.

A goal of Farkhondeh's artistic ambitions has been to explore visualizations of Persian poetry. The wealth of mediums and techniques offered at The Prince's School of Traditional Arts provided the perfect inspirational wellspring for her realization of this challenge. She says, "My creative development was greatly facilitated by the intimacy and generous accessibility of the Prince's School tutors." At the School the exploration of the sacred geometry embedded in ancient manuscripts inspired their adaptation in her creative work, which is mainly focused on Persian miniature and Islamic manuscript illumination.

During her final year at the School, Farkhondeh organized and raised funds for a study trip to her native Iran, arranging unprecedented access to sacred sites where the delegation of thirty students and tutors were privileged to have an intimate experience of the highest achievements of Islamic and Traditional Arts.

Farkhondeh believes that an observer's aesthetic satisfaction arises from a subliminal appreciation of underlying sacred geometry and for her final project she chose to illuminate and illustrate her calligraphy of Rumi's poetry with that goal in mind.