Ghulam Hyder Daudpota

Ghulam Hyder Daudpota belongs to a ceramic tilemaking family from the small town of Nasarpur, Sindh, Pakistan where this work has been practised for many centuries. Kashikari is now a dying art form in the region due to an absence of patronage and lack of understanding over the importance of the art form, along with the proliferation of cheap industrial products. Hyder has observed that poor quality work is produced, not only for contemporary practice but for the restoration of the historic buildings. Hyder received a full scholarship to study at the School. During his period of study he travelled and received internships in some of the Islamic countries where traditional ceramics are still practised. For his final project Hyder constructed a fountain inspired by a study trip to the Alhambra Palace, Granada, Spain and Kashikari tile panels from the Jama Mosque, Nasarpur, Pakistan. He now wishes to return to Pakistan establish a school to teach traditional ceramic tile-making.