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  • Exhibition: Chinese Woodblock Prints by Wei Lizhong

    Unmissable. The master of Chinese woodblock printing, Mr Wei Lizhong, exhibits a wide array of prints from famous Shizhuzhai studio in China’s Zhejiang Province.  Works include historically and artistically renowned pieces such as the Chinese version of the Buddhist Diamond Sutra. Visiting Master…

  • Icon Painting Exhibition at Wolfson College, Oxford University

    The Prince’s School helped to facilitate an intimate icon exhibition, Byzantium Endures, at Wolfson College, Oxford University from 4-6 November 2016. The exhibition was conceived by Dr. Elena Ene D-Vasilescu, Senior Tutor in Theology and Research Fellow in Byzantine Studies at Oxford University an…

  • Exhibition: Journeys, Patterns. Paintings by Lisa DeLong. Photographs by Delfina Bottesini

    An exhibition of geometry paintings by Lisa DeLong and photographs by Delfina Bottesini will take place in the PSTA gallery from 7-18 November.

  • Encounters Indigenous Cultural Workers Scholarship Programme

    The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts is honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with six cultural workers and artists from Australia’s regional and remote indigenous and Torres Strait Islander communities.

  • Adrian Iurco exhibits at START Art Fair

    The painter, Adrian Iurco, presented his work as part of the 2016 edition of the START Art Fair. Iurco graduated in 2015 with a PhD from The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, where he was awarded the Ciclitira Prize.

  • PhD student, Rosalind Whitman, exhibits at The Crypt Gallery

    Current PhD student, Rosalind Whitman, participated in a group exhibition at the Crypt Gallery from 7-17 September 2016. The exhibition, entitled 100x Madonna, offered 100 artistic perspectives on the icon of the Mother of Christ. Whitman exhibited a set of bronze sculptures, which she explaine…

  • Icon Painting Diploma Graduation Show

    You are cordially invited to the Icon Painting Diploma Graduation Show. The exhibition opens on Monday 17th October 2016 at 9:30 and closes on Friday 21st October at 14:00.

  • Students Graduate at the Art Jameel Programme for Traditional Arts, Cairo, Egypt

    Congratulations to the 6th graduating class at the Art Jameel Programme for Traditional Arts and Crafts. Seventeen Egyptian students have spent the past two years learning about geometry and proportion in design as well as carving, making ceramics, painting, working with brass and and learning about the art and design market.

  • House of Traditional Arts’ (HTA) diploma-level course in traditional arts and crafts starting soon

    House of Traditional Arts’ (HTA) diploma-level course in traditional arts and crafts starts in September 2016. Our course is a part-time, one year long programme taught by PSTA tutors from the UK, Saudi and Egypt. Student will study design modules including Geometry, Nabati Design and Colour, as well as modules in traditional crafts: Methods and Materials, Decorative Painting, Gypsum Carving, Wood Parquetry & Mangour, and Ceramics. Students will complete the year with a design & make project that brings all they have learnt into a unified whole.

    We interviewed over fifty applicants to join the course; we selected twenty who will be the very first cohort of PSTA students at HTA, Jeddah.

    HTA is a collaboration between Art Jameel and The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts. Our centre opened in October 2015. Since then we delivered series of part-time classes open to the public in traditional Islamic art, design and crafts. HTA also offers a public programme of community activities for adults, children and families at week-ends and during local festivals.

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