Bagri Foundation Scholarship

Image: The sacred conversation, courtesy of Mustafa Ruhullah Muhammad Baqir

The Bagri Foundation Scholarship at The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts aims to encourage and reward emerging artists. We are proud to announce the Bagri Foundation Scholar for 2018 – 2020 at The School, Mustafa Ruhullah Muhammad Baqir.

Mustafa lives in Indonesia and is originally from Singapore. He currently works as a graphic designer and photographer. He is a Muslim and very interested in the perennial philosophy and Islamic mysticism. He wishes to share his knowledge of the culture, history and traditional arts of Indonesia: Javanese batik, classic Balinese paintings and Wayang (traditional puppets). At the School he wants to continue his ‘journey of spiritual realisation’ and help inspire others to engage with the traditional arts.

Mustafa will commence his MA degree studies on 24 September 2018 and will complete his degree in July 2020. He was selected for the Bagri Foundation Scholarship because of his expertise in and knowledge of Asian Arts. He is a talented artist who would not have been able to study in the UK without financial support.