New Diploma-level Programme Launched in Karachi, Pakistan

Students, tutors and staff on a study visit to the Shah Jahan mosque in Thatta, Pakistan

On 28 January, seventeen students began an intensive journey in traditional arts at the VM Centre for Traditional Arts in Karachi. This new programme is centred around the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan, drawing inspiration from local architecture and traditional crafts.

This one year programme at the diploma level includes modules in geometry, biomorphic design, ceramics, woodworking, methods and materials, decorative painting, textiles, and contextual studies.

Study trips to local monuments and craft workshops are a key part of the instruction. Our inaugural study trip to Shah Jehan Mosque in Thattha followed two weeks of introductory geometry classes. These classes investigated patterns from the mosque, as well as explored other monuments in Makli, Multan, and Lahore.

Over the course of the year, students will apply the skills they learn in the different craft modules in the development of their own projects. The year will conclude with an exhibition at the VM Gallery.

We look forward to the students' work and creative development over the coming year!