Our newest Centre, Jia Yuan Hall, in Suzhou welcomes new students on its courses

Students at Jia Yuan Hall studying geometry

Our newest Centre, Jia Yuan Hall, in Suzhou welcomes new students on its courses.

The first term of our new foundation level course in China started in October 2018. The programme is unique in that it offers a new approach to study in China: an harmonious integration of Eastern and Western traditions taught by local and international masters. Our students in China have the opportunity to study the practice and philosophy of these traditional arts and understand their cultural, artistic and spiritual connections.

The course is structured around 11 modules. Some modules are taught by our tutors from London - such as geometry and design according to the order of nature; the harmony of floral decorative forms; pigment making, egg tempera and oil painting techniques and ceramics and wood parquetry.

Chinese masters teach modules on Chinese geomancy (Feng Shui); Chinese landscape painting, Chinese classical garden design; Chinese calligraphy; silk weaving; and principles of the Buddhist figure. Students follow the design, painting and craft modules to build a comprehensive portfolio of traditional arts, and our first end of year show in Suzhou will take place in June 2019.

This year only, the modules are also accessible as stand-alone courses.

If you are interested in studying at Jia Yuan Hall this year or to apply for next year’s one year course contact our team in China.