Open Programme Certificate of Completion

Open Programme Certificate of Completion

Through a wide range of short courses, the Open Programme at The Prince's School of Traditional Arts offers opportunities for students to:

  • experience practical study in the traditional arts and crafts
  • appreciate, through their practice, how the traditional arts and crafts reflect the structures, principles and harmony of the natural world.

Students who complete five short courses within three years are eligible to apply for the Open Programme Certificate of Completion.

The certificate sets out the courses that the student has completed, as well as the techniques and skills that were studied.

The application process

Students who have completed five short courses, should contact the Open Programme and provide a list of the courses as well as the dates they were taken.

Once we have confirmed your eligibility, we will contact you to make an appointment for the next portfolio review. During a review appointment, you will be expected to present your portfolio to a tutor, and discuss your learning. The tutor will offer advice on furthering your practice. They will award the certificate at the end of your appointment, once they are satisfied you have met the criteria by which you may be deemed to have successfully completed your programmes.

Reviews are conducted every 3 months.

To prepare for the review, a student should organise artworks created as a result of attending courses into a portfolio. The artworks should be organised chronologically, by course.

The portfolio should consist of the original artworks. If it would be burdensome to bring the original artwork, a high resolution photograph will suffice.

It is also helpful to include any artworks made after attending the courses, which demonstrate how your study at the School has influenced your arts practice since completing your programmes.