Creative Studies in Colour and Line

Subject: Drawing, Painting
Dates: 8 February 2020 - 7 March 2020
Time: 10:00 - 16:30
Location: The Prince's Foundation School of Traditional Arts
Tutor: Lily Corbett Gale
Full Price
£ 350

In this course participants shall have an introduction to ‘The Language of Drawing’ as taught by Cecil Collins. Embark on a journey of discovery, exploring tools, technique, colour harmony and the mystery of creativity. A journey where drawing is experienced and seen as visual energy.

The Language of Drawing is about relationship, the relationship between one line and another in harmony. This includes: the way a line moves across the ground, how long it is, how it relates to other lines, and how all lines relate to each other.

Focus on techniques such as mark-making, tonality and working with a ‘sensitive, rhythmic, vitality’ assisted by music and movement exercises. You will do this while using varied traditional instruments including quills, reed pens, Chinese brushes and ink, red chalk, charcoal and pencils.

Learn about different ways of holding the traditional instruments and different positions on the body whilst drawing and painting. An awareness of the entire body and breath is included in these studies. They shall also shall learn about the archetypal positions of the body.

Compile a series of colour harmony studies, all leading to painting and drawing from the imagination and nature.

Students will leave the course with several short studies leading to three or four paintings These paintings shall be done with gouache plus egg tempera medium, making the colour much stronger and easier to layer.

This course requires a minimum number of enrolment to run.

Who is this course for?

All levels and abilities are welcome. Participants have to be prepared to jump into the unknown.

They shall also have fun and enjoy working together as a group, all working in the same way at the same time. They shall also draw in partners at times.

What should I bring to class?

Participants need to bring:

1. An artists’ notebook for the colour harmony diagram

2. Hog hair oil painting brushes

3. A palette with wells, so you can take home pigment to continue working on your piece if needed. Some examples here: Circular or Daisy.

4. 1 large glass jar and 5 smaller glass jars

All other materials are provided.

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Do you offer concessions?

Yes, we offer concessions for full time students and OAPs.

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What if I need to cancel or change my booking?

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Tutor biography

Lily Corbett Gale

Lily Corbett Gale is a painter who studied drawing and painting with the visionary artist Cecil Collins from 1976 until 1989 and continues to teach his methods in life drawing. She also worked as a picture restorer and conservator for many years. She completed her MA at The Prince's School of Traditional Arts in 2002.

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