Hand-Built Ceramics: Slab-building, coiling and press-moulding

Subject: Ceramics
Dates: 2 September 2019 - 6 September 2019
Time: 10:30 - 17:30
Location: The Prince's Foundation School of Traditional Arts
Tutor: Cova Hornero
Full price
£ 385

This practical ceramics course introduces traditional hand building techniques through practical demonstration and guidance. Learners will also gain skills in glazing. You will develop an understanding of how to make clay pieces from two-dimensional research. You will also be taught and encouraged to experiment with decoration and glazes.

The course is divided into three main projects where everyone will make an object using slab building, coiling, and press-moulding.

Decorate your pieces using sgraffito and slip, wax resist, drawing, painting and simple printing techniques with ceramic colour and glaze.

The range of making and surface decorating techniques learned will give a great understanding of how to plan, make and decorate clay work creatively and successfully.

Notes: Students will be guided through lessons with the aim of students leaving with fired, and glazed pieces the end of the week. However, this cannot be guaranteed as each class must move at its own pace.

We regret that due to the busy nature of our workshop, we cannot accommodate students at different times. And we cannot guarantee that work won’t be damaged in the kiln or not survive a firing.

Who is this course for?

All levels of experience and ability welcome.

What should I bring?

In addition to course fees, clay will be charged at £2.50 per 500g of fired material. This should be paid at the end of the course, on collection of your fired piece.

All other materials will be provided in the class.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing that you do not mind getting slightly messy.

Avoid wearing:

  • Baggy clothing (especially sleeves)
  • Loose jewellery
  • Short sleeve t-shirts (when there is a chance of contact with hazardous materials)
  • High heels or open toed shoes

Health & Safety

  • Clay:
  • We only use prepared wet clay in the studios. Dry clay is a hazard, because chronic exposure to dust can cause breathing problems.
  • Finish green ware while still wet or damp with a fine sponge instead of sanding when dry.
  • Wet mop floors and work surfaces daily to minimize dust levels
  • Glazes:
  • We only use lead free glazes in our studios. Please speak with your tutor if you wish to glaze a piece and use it for food consumption to double check individual glazes are food-safe.
  • We only use wet brush on glazes. Wet glazes are not an inhalation hazard.
  • Gloves should be worn while handling wet glazes.
  • Kilns:
  • Tutors and other trained personnel are the only people permitted to use kilns. Your pieces will be fired for you.

Food and drink must never be consumed in the basement workshop or studios.

What days do I attend?

Monday to Friday

Do you offer concessions?

Yes, we offer concessions for full time students and OAPs.

To receive a concession, please apply via our online form.

What if I need to cancel or change my booking?

You can view our policy here.

By booking this course, you agree to our terms and conditions. Click to view.

Tutor biography

Cova Hornero

Covadonga Hornero is a graduate of The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts. She previously trained in Ceramics at Lauriston College, and went on to do a Diploma in Ceramic Design at Central Saint Martin's School of Art, London. Throughout her career she has taught at arts colleges, as well as privately run workshops.