Islamic Calligraphy: Thuluth Script

Subject: Calligraphy
Dates: 18 March 2019 - 22 March 2019
Time: 10:30 - 17:30
Location: The Prince's Foundation School of Traditional Arts
Tutor: Khalid Pablo Casado
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£ 385

Learn the art of Arabic calligraphy, focused on Thuluth, an elegant cursive script. To achieve beauty in calligraphy, students will work towards balancing four fundamental elements in perfect harmony: the paper, the pen, the ink and the hand.

The course will begin with a historical introduction, and overview of the traditional teaching methods, and materials.

Learn to prepare and polish paper; mix ink to the desired consistency; cut and sharpen the reed pen; and to prepare the hand to guide the pen in steady fluid movements.

Students will then practice writing individual letters (mufradat) to the correct proportions, and  work towards words and phrases (murakabat). 

Throughout the course your tutor will guide you, offer demonstrations and feedback; and to encourage you to cultivate an attitude of concentration and perseverance.

Who is this course for?

All levels of experience and ability welcome.

A familiarity with the Arabic script is useful but is not a prerequisite.

What should I bring to class?

All materials will be provided on this course.

What days do I attend?

Monday - Friday

Do you offer concessions?

Yes, we offer concessions for full time students and OAPs.

To receive a concession, please apply via our online form.

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What if I need to cancel or change my booking?

You can view our policy here.

Tutor biography

Khalid Pablo Casado

Pablo Casado, also known as Khalid, was born in 1982 in Madrid, Spain. He became a student of the renowned calligrapher, Nuria Garcia in 2008.Guided by her, he traveled to Istanbul for the first time in 2009, and thanks to her he could get acquainted with her masters. This is how he started writing his first lessons with her help, and with the master calligrapher (hattat) Davut Bektas, and always under the supervision of the master Hassan Çelebi. Around two years later, he started taking lessons from the master hattat Ferhat Kurlu who, together with Nuria García, became one of his strongest influences.

In 2014, and after having devoted himself completely to learning this art, he received his icazet or calligraphy diploma in sülüs and nesih styles in IRCICA (Research Center for Islamic History Art and Culture), signed by the masters Hassan Çelebi, Ferhat Kurlu and Nuria García.