Moorish Tiles

Subject: Ceramics, Geometry, Applied Arts
Dates: 10 February 2018 - 10 March 2018
Time: 10:00 - 16:30
Location: The Prince's School of Traditional Arts
Tutor: Daniel Docherty
Full price
£ 385
Student concession
£ 310
OAP concession
£ 310

Explore geometric patterns from the magnificent Moorish masterpiece: the Alhambra.

Using the geometer's tools of compass and straight-edge participants will learn how to construct a number of classic Alhambra patterns.

We'll undertake colour studies toward producing beautifully finished artworks and in preparation for the glazing process.

Finally, learn how to transform clay into ceramic tiles and make your own geometric panel of tiles.

What should I bring?

All materials will be provided in the class.

In addition to course fees, clay/bisque will be charged at £2.50 per 500g of fired material. This should be paid at the end of the course, on collection of your fired piece.

The ventilation system in our workshop can result in the room feeling cold; we recommend bringing a jumper that you do not mind getting a little grubby.

Who is this course for?

All levels of experience and ability welcome

What if I do not finish my work?

Students will be guided through lessons with the aim of students leaving with fired, and glazed pieces the end of five sessions. However, this cannot be guaranteed as each class must move at its own pace. Students who have fired, but unglazed pieces may attend an additional glazing day. Glazing days will be scheduled for one day per term.

We regret that due to the busy nature of our workshop, we cannot accommodate students at different times.

Finally, we cannot guarantee that work won’t be damaged in the kiln or not survive a firing.

What days do I attend?

This course will be held on 5 consecutive Saturdays.

Tutor biography

Daniel Docherty

Daniel Docherty lives and works in Australia and the UK, teaching, lecturing and researching. He is particularly interested in how the revered quadrivium (arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy) inform the world’s artistic and cultural traditions.

He earned his City and Guilds Basketry diploma in 2003 and his MA from the Prince’s School in 2004.

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