Ornamental Plaster Carving

Subject: Carving
Dates: 16 March 2020 - 20 March 2020
Time: 10:30 - 17:30
Location: Bow Road Studios
Tutor: Adam Williamson
Full Price
£ 385

Plaster carvings intricately decorate the façades of many Islamic buildings around the world. This course teaches various carving processes expressing geometric and floral patterns in different parts of the Islamic world, including the Hijaz region of Saudi Arabia, Cairo in Egypt and Fez in Morocco.

Final pieces will draw from a multitude of traditional techniques and designs. Participants receive an introduction to plaster casting and mould making, and practice relief as well as piercing carving techniques. There will also be to opportunity to use the zewana - a traditional piercing tool, and chisels from Morocco.

This is an introductory course for complete beginners, by the end of which everyone will have a least one finished carving to take home with them.

This course requires a minimum number of enrolments to run.

Who is this for?

All levels of ability and experience welcome.

What days do I attend?

Monday - Friday

What should I bring?

All materials will be provided on this course.

What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable clothes and closed toe shoes.

Avoid wearing: Baggy clothing (especially sleeves), Loose jewellery; High heels or open toed shoes.

Health & Safety

Follow instructions from your tutor precisely; never touch equipment or tools unless you are instructed to do so with the tutor

Wear any personal protective equipment supplied by your tutor, such as safety goggles and dust-masks.

Keep your work area tidy and the floor areas clear

Students are absolutely not allowed in the studio before or after the course hours

Where will this course take place?

Studio DG1, Bow Arts Lane, Bow Road Studios, 183 Bow Rd, London E3 2SJ

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Do you offer concessions?

Yes, we offer concessions for full-time students and OAPs.

To receive a concession, please apply via our online form.

What if I need to cancel or change my booking?

You can view our policy here.

By booking this course, you agree to our terms and conditions. Click to view.

The School reserves the right to discontinue or suspend a Course up to fourteen (14) calendar days before the advertised start date of the Course.

This course is made possible with the generous support of Aramco.

Tutor biography

Adam Williamson

Adam Williamson is an award-winning sculptor and skilled stone and wood carver. He has undertaken carving commissions for HRH The Prince of Wales, Oxford University, Shakespeare's Globe London, Kew Gardens, Westminster Abbey, Pakistan Embassy, British Council, Foreign Office in Vienna and London Zoo.

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