Yuan Centre – The Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts, China Centre

The Prince's Foundation School of Traditional Arts is pleased to announce the opening of its first centre of education in China in Autumn 2018. Students of the Yuan Centre in Suzhou will learn traditional arts from both Eastern and Western teachers, thus bringing together the philosophies and practices of these cultures. The Yuan Centre offers foundation level studies, preparing students to build a portfolio of traditional design, fine art practices and craftsmanship. 

Establishing a centre that looks towards the future, draws its strengths from China's cultural history and confidently addresses the issues of the contemporary world. The aim of the PSTA programme in China is to enable young students to engage with the artistic principles of their cultural heritage and find a contemporary means of its expression in the fields of the arts and crafts.

The Prince’s Schools programmes at the centre will draw their inspiration from the traditions of the cultural heritage of China, and introduce them into the lives of future generations. These programmes will enable the community’s meaningful engagement with these artistic traditions on different levels - practical, cultural and inspirational - within the contemporary context.

The centre will serve as a physical and inspirational focal point for traditional arts and culture in the city of Suzhou and the national context. Its programmes will draw together a variety of activities and skills, and also act as an inspiration for initiatives that can extend into the wider community. 

The School of Traditional Arts thanks our partners Johnson Chang and Ye Fang for making the establishment of the PFSTA China Centre possible and for their support of this long-term collaboration.